How to Get the Best Wedding Makeup Looks

There are a lot of wedding makeup brands out there, but a lot can be improved.Here are some tips on what you should be looking for when shopping for makeup for your next event.1.Choose a brand that makes your skin feel smooth and supple2.Make your face look flawless3.Use makeup that compliments your face’s natural texture4.Choose foundation and contour your skin.5.Use […]

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How to wear Milani makeup to the wedding

Younique mascara is a long-time staple of beauty-conscious brides, but some of the more popular brands are taking a different tack.Milani is known for making some of its products for celebrities and famous people, but its new line of makeup is taking a more mainstream approach.The new line includes a mascara, a lip and eye pencil, a blush, a brow […]

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