When does makeup become an excuse to get naked?

If you’ve ever wanted to get your nails done without the hassle of having to go to the salon, now you can!This year, the US has added two new beauty brands to its beauty portfolio: Ultra Beauty and Ultra Lash .These new brands are owned by Gemma Siegel and  Linda Siegel, and their products are all designed for the conscious beauty consumer.Both Geminia Siegel […]

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When the world’s favorite crazy makeup looks went to zendara: Zendara is a brand without makeup

The Zendaya brand is known for its wildly imaginative, and in some cases bizarre, makeup look.Here are some of the weirdest ones, according to the brand.1.The Zenda Beauty Cover.The brand has had a history of bizarre makeup looks.2.The Cosplay Face Cover.A cosplay look is when a celebrity shows off their skills in their favorite game of video games, but their […]

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