Fox Eye Cosmetics sells makeup bags, makeup brushes, eye makeup

FOXEAST — Fox Eye Cosmetic, which sells makeup brushes and eye makeup bags in the U.S., said it is selling its cosmetics business to Kite, a cosmetics company that specializes in makeup for will now focus on making its products more accessible to the broader makeup community, which has grown in the last year, the company said in a […]

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Which is better: Dior’s new mascara, or Pomegranate Oil?

Dior has announced a new line of makeup for its new mascaras, and while I don’t know which one is better, I do know which looks more beautiful.The Dior Ombre mascara, which is $50, comes in a new formula that includes an oil-based formula that dries quickly and leaves the lashes soft.This is a new and more effective formulation, which […]

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How to Make Your Own Makeup: The Essential Guide

I love this article from Cosmopolitan.They’ve got a great breakdown of how to apply makeup, what to look for, and the best way to use it.The good news is, it’s easy to follow and pretty well documented.The article also has some great tips for those looking to take advantage of the new MAC cosmetics line.If you want to check it […]

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