Why you should wear eyeliner every day

Why do people wear eyeliners every day?This is a big one. I know you can’t wear eyelid liners every day without thinking, but I just wanted to point out that eyeliner is one of the most important makeup items you need to have. When it comes to makeup, eyeliner really is like a sponge that helps the look and feel of your […]

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‘Easily the Most Expensive Beauty Item’ on Amazon – NY Times

The beauty item on Amazon’s New York Times best-seller list is a product called the “Easiest to Use Mineral Primer” that costs $29.95.It is supposed to be “easy to use” and “non-greasy.”But it’s hard to make sure that the product actually does what it says on the tin.The product contains a mineral called kaolin, which can form a gel when […]

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