Cosplay makeup looks for Halloween 2018

When I got the chance to get a Cosplay Makeup Brush Cleaner, I knew it would be a must have.I knew I wanted to get my hands on one.After reading reviews and looking at the ingredients, I was definitely going to buy one.But, I wanted something that was a little different.So, I decided to go with a black beauty product.I […]

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Beauty is everything – the travel makeup sponge

Travel makeup is just a sponge to be washed up, the beauty sponge.It contains essential oils, cleanser, and a lotion that you apply every time you want to change a little bit of makeup.So how does the beauty of travel makeup differ from the beauty that you get when you travel?The travel makeup kit I’m reviewing is a travel makeup […]

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Beauty brand Makeup Brush Cleaner gets free makeup samples

A beauty brand is using makeup brushes to get makeup samples for free.Makeup BrushCleaner, which is owned by the beauty and makeup giant Sephora, has been offering samples of the brand’s products for free since the beginning of 2016.Sephora’s makeup brushes were first released in the U.S. in 2015, but it has since expanded its range.Sephoras brushes are available at […]

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