Valentine’s Day makeup looks like a new trend, not a gift

More than 200,000 holiday makeup looks inspired by film characters are on display at a shopping mall in Japan, the first time the brand has done so in the country.The shop, known as the Golden Lily, opened on Feb. 28.It has more than 400 models in dresses, makeup, hair, accessories, and other items.The cosmetics line features a new look each […]

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How to get black makeup done with an eyelash brush

If you’re a black makeup fanatic, you’ll know how important eyelash extensions are to your look.There are countless eyelash styles to choose from, but you’re going to need one or more eyelash extension extensions to get the best results.The good news is that if you want to keep the style of your look as simple as possible, there are a […]

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What is the makeup tutorial that is so popular?

With the advent of new products, the makeup tutorials that have been around for decades have become so popular that they have become very expensive.They can be quite expensive if you are looking for an everyday beauty product.There are many tutorials on the market, which can help you to learn the basics of makeup, but what is the best makeup […]

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