Why are so many of the best makeup brands made out of black face paint?

The first thing to note is that these brands have all been designed by black women to make them look more black.And that’s because black women are still underrepresented in beauty marketing.According to a recent report by Black Beauty, a nonprofit organization, there are more than 500 makeup brands designed and manufactured by women of color.According the report, only 8.3% […]

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Why are some people allergic to balsam oil?

By now, you probably know that balsams are a very potent makeup ingredient.And since we’re talking about makeup, they’re especially useful when you’re trying to mask blemishes, redness and blackheads.But what about other products you might want to keep your eyes closed to? For some, it’s all about the ingredient list.For others, allergies are just part of the equation.If you’ve ever […]

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How to Make Your Favorite Face Makeup Looks Like a Clown Face

Anastasia is the best-selling makeup remaver on the internet, selling nearly $3 billion a year.This makeup remever is also one of the most popular beauty products on Amazon.com, but she’s not the only one.She’s not even the only makeup artist with a reputation for using makeup removers that are, for the most part, the most expensive and complex to make.“I […]

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