Which is better: Dior’s new mascara, or Pomegranate Oil?

Dior has announced a new line of makeup for its new mascaras, and while I don’t know which one is better, I do know which looks more beautiful.The Dior Ombre mascara, which is $50, comes in a new formula that includes an oil-based formula that dries quickly and leaves the lashes soft.This is a new and more effective formulation, which […]

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‘Toxic’ makeup makes me more aggressive

A toxic makeup brand has been banned in Japan after a man was found to have inhaled it.The Tokyo-based makeup brand “Dior” was banned in the Japanese state of Honshu on Wednesday, after the man, identified as Koichi Kanda, tested positive for the toxic chemical, which can cause skin cancer.Kanda was found unconscious on Saturday after taking a mask that […]

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