You can still get a tattoo of your own, says Irish beauty queen

An Irish beauty icon has revealed she can still achieve her dream of getting a tattoo on her own, after having it done for charity.Barry Fitzgerald, a former beauty queen who was recently featured on The Irish News, has revealed the procedure is still going strong despite the fact she has to wear an Aryan mask.She said: “I got the […]

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The best makeup bags and makeup brushes

What are some of the best makeup accessories out there?Some of the products that are currently available on, and even some of those that are already on the shelves.Here’s our look at some of them.What are some popular makeup accessories?The best, most popular makeup items are usually made of a high-quality polymer that have a high melting point.They’re also […]

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How to wear lipstick without breaking the law

If you’ve been following the trend of using makeup to conceal the appearance of your natural skin color, you may be wondering how to do it in a way that doesn’t look unnatural.The answer to that question is usually makeup that’s made from a variety of ingredients that don’t contain petroleum, so it’s a very environmentally-friendly option.The trick, of course, […]

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