Crazy makeup looks and looks like a skeleton makeup subscription box

A subscription box called “SFX Makeup” features “the coolest makeup products you never knew existed.”The box is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for $39.99.While some reviews of the product have been negative, one reviewer, which went by the name “Alyssa,” told Cosmopolitan that “I love it.”“The boxes are so cute and so cute looking.They are very cute looking,” Alyssa […]

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When the world’s favorite crazy makeup looks went to zendara: Zendara is a brand without makeup

The Zendaya brand is known for its wildly imaginative, and in some cases bizarre, makeup look.Here are some of the weirdest ones, according to the brand.1.The Zenda Beauty Cover.The brand has had a history of bizarre makeup looks.2.The Cosplay Face Cover.A cosplay look is when a celebrity shows off their skills in their favorite game of video games, but their […]

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