How to avoid getting too cute in your wedding dress

The wedding dress can be a very chic accessory, but what if you want to be less conspicuous?Here are some tips to make your dress more flattering and less distracting in the days leading up to your big day.1.Avoid the “C” in wedding dress.The word “couple” and “wedding” are the most commonly used words in wedding planning, but it’s more […]

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When it comes to beauty, you can’t go wrong with Contour’s contour beauty products

A contour face mask with contour cosmetics, which costs $20, has been on the market since October.And now, Contour is introducing the first-ever line of contour products.The line includes the contour contour powder, which is the foundation of the contoured contour mask, a concealer for eyes, a mascara and a blush.They are available in 10 shades of pink and purple […]

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