Korean makeup looks like a clown face

Natural makeup looks much like a face, but its makeup artist has created a face mask that will make your friends think youre actually a clown.The mask is called Beyonce, and its creator, a makeup artist named Jeon Yoon-woo, made it with a mix of natural makeup and botanical extracts. The mask is a product of Jeon’s passion to make natural […]

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What are some makeup brushes that are awesome for beginners?

Beauty blogger Beyonce has been sharing her latest beauty tips and tricks to help you get started with makeup, with the help of this handy airbrush makeup brush.Beyonces Airbrushing Basics tips on getting the best results with her brushes are a great starting point for anyone starting out. The Airbrushes are perfect for beginners looking to get into airbrushing, since they […]

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