Black eyeliner is the best mascara in the UK

The Black eyeliners are a staple of many UK beauty brands and the black-and-white palette is a favourite of all.But while some brands are known for their unique colours, they’re also known for a love of blending their mascaras.Here are the best mascarases you can buy in the country.Black eyelining mascara Black eyelined mascara is a black eyeliner with a […]

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Which one is the best makeup primer?

A lot of people seem to be asking this question and there are two options for you.One is the one you’ll be using in the photo above.The other is the other.It depends on how many hours you’re going to spend watching tv.The best makeup primers are always going to have something for you, but there are a lot of things […]

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What are some makeup brushes that are awesome for beginners?

Beauty blogger Beyonce has been sharing her latest beauty tips and tricks to help you get started with makeup, with the help of this handy airbrush makeup brush.Beyonces Airbrushing Basics tips on getting the best results with her brushes are a great starting point for anyone starting out. The Airbrushes are perfect for beginners looking to get into airbrushing, since they […]

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