By Emily OstranderHarriett Farr, a makeup artist, looks over Harry Potter’s Hogwarts robes at the studio in London in June, 2013.

It’s the third of four seasons, and the first of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which is out in theaters.

“Harry has always been a character who gets his own little special makeover,” she said.

“He has his own look, and it’s his own style.”

The first two seasons of the show focused on a new group of characters, including Voldemort, and their relationship to Harry and the rest of the wizarding world.

For the new series, which takes place after the events of the first film, it’s now up to the wizard to find his place in the world, and how that will affect his relationships with other people.

“We’ve kind of had a little bit of a ‘whole other’ to Harry in terms of his relationship to his family,” Farr said.

The first season focused on Harry’s relationship with his parents and how they reacted to his actions.

This time, Farr is taking on the role of his father.

“We had to do some very significant changes in the story because of the way that the Harry Potter films are being produced,” she told CBS News.

“The way that you tell a story, you have to make sure that you’re telling a story that’s interesting.

You have to really be telling a true story about the characters, and that’s what we’re trying to do in this new film.”

Farr said that she hopes that the new Harry Potter will be a little more relatable.

“It will be the same story.

The Harry Potter universe is about family, about love, and about family and love, but it will also be about people and what happens to them,” she explained.

“It will have more depth to it.”

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