A lot of celebs, including Kim Kardashian West, have made the move from the celebrity model to the makeup artist.

Kardashians beauty products have been the focus of criticism and criticism from fans for years.

They are also the target of a growing number of lawsuits that allege the Kardashian family has been making false and fraudulent claims about their products.

In addition to a slew of lawsuits, the Kardashian clan faces an ongoing lawsuit from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which alleges that its products contain lead.

In its complaint against the Kardashian and family, the agency said that the Kardashian cosmetics were sold under the name of an importer, not as a brand.

In a statement to the AP, the FDA said the agency was not aware of any violations of the lead paint rule, but that the allegations that Kardashian cosmetics contain lead were “completely false and unsubstantiated.”

The Kardashians products have become the subject of a huge number of complaints, including a lawsuit from a woman who claims she was allegedly sold $7.4 million worth of products with lead paint.

The lawsuit, filed in February, also claimed that Kardashian products contained a “contaminated, lead-contaminate product” and “a lead-based product with a high likelihood of causing serious health risks” to her.

In a separate lawsuit filed in June, the New York attorney general’s office also accused the Kardashian’s of using the name “Kardasha,” the Chinese name for an “infamous” celebrity.

That lawsuit was dismissed earlier this year.

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