A few years ago, I would never have imagined myself wearing a lot of makeup. 

My makeup had always been pretty basic: a pencil, mascara, and blush, all of which I always wore under my eyes. 

In high school, I wore makeup for a few weeks a month for fun, but as I got older, it was harder and harder to get away with. 

I began to wonder if I should do something about my makeup.

What is makeup?

What is softgirl?

What are the benefits of it? 

A little bit of makeup can go a long way, especially for a person who doesn’t normally wear makeup.

The Benefits of Softgirl, Part 1A few years later, I was on the brink of graduating from high school and had finally gotten a job that let me afford to buy my own makeup.

I started my college years with a lot more than just my usual makeup, though. 

After a few years of being an average high school student, I went on to graduate from college with a degree in creative writing. 

Since then, I’ve made a career out of my love for makeup.

I’m the first girl to have my own line of products, and my line has gone from strength to strength. 

How do you get your face to look soft and plump? 

How does a blush look like? 

What does the color of a softgirl make? 

Can you wear makeup with a mask? 

These are some of the questions that I asked myself as I started making softgirl products. 

It’s been a crazy few years, and I’ve had a ton of fun learning about makeup and trying out new things. 

Now, I want to share my journey and share with you some of my favorite softgirl-related products.

Softgirl is a line of makeup that focuses on the use of ingredients that work for soft skin. 

A few of my favorites are Softgirl Eye Makeup, Softgirl Lipstick, Softboy Face Mask, and Softgirl Blush. 

Softgirl’s products are lightweight and long lasting, and they’re super easy to apply. 

Some of the ingredients in the soft girls range include: A natural sunscreen that helps protect skin from harmful UV rays and sunburn. 

Natural lip balm that gently moisturizes lips and creates a matte finish. 

Blemish-fighting lip primer. 

Sun protection mask that’s designed to help your skin look healthy and bright. 

Soothing makeup brush. 

Flawless powder. 

Stabilizing powder that’s formulated to soften and smooth your skin.

What do you need to know about softgirl to make it work? 

Soft girl products are made of two ingredients: Bismuth oxychloride (BOC) and zinc oxide (ZO). 

BOC is a synthetic colorless mineral that has a blue-green color. 

ZO is an organic organic mineral that’s the colorless color of gold. 

The BOC in these products can be used as a natural sunscreen or a natural lip balms. 

There are different formulas that can be applied with these products.

I recommend applying BOC with a soft hand, and ZO with a cotton ball. 

For more information about BOC, read my How to Use BOC article.

What if you’re a fan of the formula and want to keep it?

Softgirl does a lot to keep its ingredients natural, but the formula is also a little bit on the pricey side. 

If you love the idea of a natural-looking, natural-sounding product, and want the same things, but have a little more money to spare, there are many other options available. 

These include:  The Beauty Blender The Beauty Box The Cosmo Box  The Beauty Blur  The Cosmo Powder  The Soft Girl Mask  The Face Mask  The Masks in the Creamy Makeup Kit The Super Soft Girl Face Mask in The Soft Girl Powder The Face Mask + Mask in the Creamy Makeups Kit What about products like Bespoke Makeup? 

Yes, Bespoke is another popular makeup line that is based in Japan. 

They use the same natural ingredients as Softgirl and have a more expensive formula. 

This is not to say that Bespokes are not good products.

They’re just a bit pricey. 

What do I need to do if I don’t want to buy a Bespo or Softgirl? 

The best way to get your makeup on is to buy your own. 

You can also make your own softgirl from scratch. 

Makeup is so easy to make and it’s fun to make your makeup look nice, so it’s a good idea to make a few of your own for when you’re feeling more adventurous. 

And while you’re

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