Tarte is trying to make a comeback with a new line of cute makeup.

The new line includes a makeup palette, a makeup brush, a pencil, and nail polish in a palette.

The products were created by artist Ashley Sutter and are priced at $12.99 each.

The company says it’s a great opportunity to get people to think about beauty in a different way.

“Beauty is one of the most important aspects of our lives and we believe that all of us should be embracing that,” said Sutter.

“We’ve been inspired by the fact that so many people are struggling with the same issues and feeling that beauty is one part of the solution.

We want to help inspire people to be a part of it by taking their makeup to a new level.”

Sutter is the creator of the popular cosmetics company, Tarte, which sells $3 lip balms, $2 lip glosses, and $1 eye makeup.

 The new line comes on the heels of the company’s announcement earlier this year that it would expand its line of products to include a beauty-related range.

Sutter’s new products are aimed at kids, people of color, and people who have darker skin tones.

The brand said the new line is aimed at children, and the new palette includes a blush and eyeshadow palette.

Tarte has partnered with The New York City Department of Health to launch the first new beauty range in years.

The department is launching a pilot program to introduce beauty products to underserved communities in New York.

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