Posted January 14, 2019 15:05:11A new survey by financial firm CQS Australia has revealed the most popular makeup brands in Australia.CQS said its survey of 5,000 consumers in July found that the top three cosmetics brands were all from the UK. 

It found the top two were Marlboro and Mascara. 

The survey of 7,200 Australians aged 18 and over also found that people aged 18 to 24 preferred Hair Products, while people aged 25 to 34 preferred L’Oreal and Urban Decay.

However, women aged 65 to 74 preferred Urban Lacquer, while those aged 75 and over preferred Mascaras. 

CQA said it found that there were differences in preferences between different age groups and regions.

“The most popular products in the UK were the Urban Cleaning Lacquer and Lashes.

The top three were Urban Lace Laces, Maraquin Lace and Kinky Boots.

In the US, the top four were Nails Nail Polish, Beige Nailed Polish and Black Naked Polish.”

In Australia, the most attractive products were Lips, Hairs, Washes and Cosmetics.

While the top brand was Urban Beauty, the least attractive was Marks and Spencer,” CQA’s Dr Amy Chubb said.”

However, in the US people preferred Sakura Hairdressers, Lip Liners, Lashes and the Black Lace brand.

“[Australians] also love the Shenandoah Beauty and the top brands were Black Label Huds, Bare Habits, Natural Hair Products and Natural Skincare.” 

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