It’s hard to get an exact number on what eye shadow looks best on a woman’s skin, but you can get a rough idea with the help of these five eyeshadows.

They are: • PINK, which is a deep pink, matte, semi-matte shade with a frosted finish.

• RED, which has a warm, cool, and sheer finish.

The shades are available in 12 colors and they can be worn as a highlighter, crease concealer, or as a highlight.

• PINKLIVE, which contains a matte, shimmery, semi/full-coverage shade.

It has a frosting effect.

There are many other shades, including neutral, warm, medium, and cool.

For best results, look for the shade closest to your skin tone, which may vary depending on your skin.

Makeup looks great with your favorite shades, too!

Makeup can also be applied to bare skin to add depth and define your eyes.

You can also apply eye shadow with a brush, brush, or a sponge.

The products vary in the amount of product they contain.

If you’re not sure which product to use, try checking out our handy eye shadow chart to find out.

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