Beauty lovers will be able to check out their favorite beauty brands in a new beauty box and lipstick collection by Amazon.

The company announced the new collection on Friday, the first major product update since its launch earlier this month.

The box, which will include two lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses and concealers, comes in the form of an attractive plastic box that is made of plastic.

Beauty Box is the first Amazon exclusive product that will hit shelves in the U.S.

The beauty box features four shades of lipstick: Nude, Nude Matte, Rose, Rose Matte and the new Rose Gold shade.

Nude is a bright pink shade with gold shimmer.

Nudist is a matte black shade with a hint of pink shimmer.

Rose Matte is a light, pink-toned red shade.

Rose Gold is a gold-toning red shade with subtle gold shimmer and pink shimmer at the tips.

The Rose Gold Lipstick is a shade that is pink-red with a soft satin finish.

The new collection is available for $19.99 on Amazon.

Each box comes with two products.

The first one is a box of three products: a lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm.

The second one is the Lip Gloss.

The second lipstick is a gloss, lip and concealer.

The lipstick will be available in two different colors.

Each product comes with a different lip tint.

The third lipstick is the lipstick that comes with the box, lip pencil and eye liner.

It will also come in a variety of shades.

The shade of lipstick will change depending on which shade of nail polish you are using.

The collection will also include two eyeshadows: an iridescent metallic purple and a vibrant neon pink shade.

Each eyeshadow comes in a palette of three shades.

The brand will also offer three eyeliners: a matte pink matte and a metallic red matte.

The matte pink eyeliner is available in three shades: peach, plum, and burgundy.

The metallic red eyeliner will come in two shades: pink and a gold.

The nail polish will come as a palette that contains four shades.

Each eye color comes with four shades and will also be available as a permanent lipstick.

The permanent lip will be a permanent color and will be one shade darker than the permanent shade of the lipstick.

All four products are available for a limited time on the Amazon Prime store.

The cosmetics are priced at $14.99, but customers can also add another $9.99 for shipping.

The company is currently trying to grow its beauty business.

In April, the company announced it was partnering with a Chinese beauty company to expand its beauty brands.

This new collaboration will see the company working with a local beauty brand to bring the beauty brands into its own ecosystem.

In addition, Amazon has been expanding its makeup business by launching its own makeup boxes.

Earlier this year, Amazon added the beauty box to its lineup of beauty products.

The first Amazon Beauty Box will hit the shelves in mid-June.

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