More than half of all Australians surveyed by ABC News Online say they will be stocking up on cosmetics by Christmas, and more than half expect to do so within a month, with nearly half saying they’ll do so at least once a month.

Key points:The average price of makeup subscriptions has risen since 2016, according to the survey of 500 people from December 2017 and December 2018What the survey suggests is that more Australians are stocking up than expectedThe average cost of a makeup subscription rose from $29.88 to $39.95 in December 2017, with the average price now topping $45.

The survey of 506 people across the country found that 77 per cent of people are “stocking up” on cosmetics, with more than a third saying they will do so by the end of December.

The average subscription cost of makeup was $34.65, and the average cost for a vanity makeup kit rose from about $18 to $24.10.

The total number of cosmetics purchased in 2016 was 896, and this figure rose to 1,007 in 2017, 1,003 in 2018 and 1,073 in 2019.

The majority of people (71 per cent) surveyed (along with 84 per cent for vanity cosmetics) said they plan to purchase cosmetics by the start of January, with around two-thirds of people planning to purchase makeup within the next six months.

Of those surveyed who plan to buy cosmetics by January, 76 per cent (along all age groups) expect to have the cosmetics within the month.

The data suggests that Australians are spending significantly more than expected on cosmetics this Christmas, with a higher proportion of Australians buying makeup (78 per cent, compared with 74 per cent in 2016) and a higher percentage of people buying cosmetics (75 per cent compared with 71 per cent).

More than half (54 per cent), or 62 per cent said they will spend more than $100 on cosmetics at the end, compared to 40 per cent who plan on spending less.

More than four-in-ten (39 per cent or 42 per cent on cosmetics), or 37 per cent say they plan on buying makeup for Christmas.

The study also found that while a higher share of people plan to spend more on cosmetics than expected, this is not necessarily a bad thing, with people also saying that the more they spend, the more cosmetics they will want to buy.

People are also more likely to be prepared to spend money on cosmetics that they plan not to use (52 per cent versus 44 per cent); however, this has dropped to 34 per cent among those who are buying cosmetics for themselves.

“We expect people to use makeup for cosmetic purposes, not just for makeup purposes, but we expect them to have a good understanding of how cosmetics work,” the survey said.

“There is a significant gap between the expectation of what people are going to spend and what people actually will spend.”

That gap has increased since 2016.

“More Australians are investing in their beauty routine and buying cosmetics in the expectation that they will use cosmetics.”

As we know from the 2016 study, that expectation has not been met.


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