With a cast of more than 40 characters, and a theme park opening in 2018, the movie about a mouse who has a “billion-dollar baby” is shaping up to be the best Pixar animation in years.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pixar Animation Studios CEO Michael Apted revealed the studio will debut a new version of the Mouseketeer film at a future date.

The Mouseketeers are an animated family of animated characters that includes the titular Mouseketers (voiced by Justin Timberlake, Ellie Kemper, Kevin Hart, Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Tom Hiddleston), a mouse named Mouse, and two penguins.

The film will be a part of the Pixar Animation Lab and will have its world premiere at the Walt Disney Studios in California in 2018.

Apte said the new version will be “much more like a preschool movie.”

The Mousekettes are animated characters and a children’s story about mice, the most important part of a family.

The movie will be part of Disney Pixar Animation Labs and will debut at a later date in 2018 with the MouseKette’s story.

A major reason for this change is to make the Mousekette family more grounded and relatable.

A “new Mouseketerie” is the foundation of the film, Aptee said.

“The family’s dynamic has changed dramatically.

They’re more like adults and they have more of a relationship than they ever have before.

They have this really strong bond.”

Pixar Animation’s previous animated family is “Minnie the Coconut,” which debuted in 1997.

That film introduced two more families, and the studio had made several attempts to introduce a Mouseketer family.

But the series was always a commercial failure, as the Mousekeys were not seen as “serious kids.”

Aptete noted the Mousekes had a “really strong bond” with their family, and that the family had a more complicated story to tell than “normal” family movies.

“That was the first time [Pixabay] did an animated story about a family,” he said.

Pixar Animation had been making animated family movies for decades, but this was the most diverse family that Pixar had ever made.

“It was very difficult,” Aptek said.

The studio had never done a movie like this before, Aaptee said, but the new family would give them the chance to create something new.

“This movie is really special,” he added.

“You get to do something that’s not possible with any other family films.”

The film’s title is “Beverley Hills, 911 911.”

It refers to the real-life police officer who killed Mickey Mouse, as well as the police car that killed the Mousekees.

“We’re trying to push the boundaries of what you can do with animation and to explore new places in our storytelling,” Aaptek said of the new Mouseketery.

“But this is an animated movie, so it’s going to be more like an elementary school movie than a grown-up film.”

The new movie is set to hit theaters sometime this fall.

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