The A-List beauty brand announced today that it will offer $5 million dollars worth of makeup to fans for a limited time.

L’Oreal will pay out $5.2 million in the first two years of the makeup campaign, and the company said that fans can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a full-size face kit and $40 for an eyeliner or brow pencil.

The $5-million campaign will include a $1 million prize for the best mascara, a $500,000 prize for an eyebrow pencil, and $1.5 million for the makeup brushes and applicators.

Lion Brand will pay $1,000 per fan to attend a celebrity beauty show, and a $50,000 reward will be given to any fan who participates in a makeup photo shoot.

Fans will be able to participate in makeup photo shoots at home with the L’Oel products, and L’Oréal will pay the makeup company for the work it does on its behalf.

The company will pay for all of the work of makeup artists, who will work for L’Os makeup team and be paid hourly.

L’oreal will also pay the L.A.-based makeup artist who created the photos.

The beauty brands L’Artisan and L.L.

Bean are set to debut the new products at their Sephora retail locations across the United States in the coming weeks.

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