Hocus Potes is the newest makeup brand from Hocus, and the latest of a long list of brands that started in Australia.

It was founded in 2010, and was founded by Shane Dawson, who also started the HocusPocus brand.

Hocus started in Melbourne, and is now based in Sydney.

HocusPotes has recently expanded its brand across the US and has launched a number of new products, including a new lip color, new eye shadows, and a new blush.

The Hocus brand has gained a lot of popularity in the US, with sales rising in the past year.

It has a very loyal following, with over 100 million Instagram followers.

Here are some of the highlights from our recent Hocus pokes interview with Shane Dawson:The Hudgeys newest products are all based on a line of natural lip products.

The lip product is a powder that’s made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and avocado oil.

It’s very similar to the natural lip balm from Haus of Gloi.

It is supposed to provide the natural look and feel of natural lips, which is something that is often lacking in beauty products in Australia, but is still one of the reasons that Hocus has gained so much traction in the beauty industry.

The blush is a matte black powder that comes in a clear, shimmery liquid.

It also comes in the shade of pale brown and is made with avocado oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

It uses avocado oil for its pigmentation, and it has a similar texture to the Haus Pocus blush.

It is meant to be applied on top of the skin to help prevent lines, lines that look unnatural, and to add a bit of glow.

The eyeshadow is a very shimmery matte cream, and I was really impressed with the shimmery finish.

It really adds a lot to the look of the face.

It does take a bit to blend though, and some people might have a hard time getting the right amount.

Haus Pokes beauty products range includes a new shade of liquid lipstick called L’Oreal Luxe, which comes in three colours, as well as a range of new lipsticks, eye shadows and blush shades.

The new lip products are designed to create a more feminine and feminine-inspired look.

They are also available in different shades, and are a bit on the lighter side, so I found it to be a little more affordable than Haus’ more expensive lip products, which cost $100 for the whole range.

The new lip colours are a mix of peach, light peach and pink, with some green.

The shades range is limited, and you can only buy one shade for each lip product.

There is a limited run of L’oreal LuxE colours, which can be purchased individually, or you can buy the whole set for $100.

Husband and wife makeup brand L’Occitane have been a big part of Hocus’ growth, and their new range of products is no exception.

They have introduced new shades and a range that is available exclusively in Australia (for a limited time), but you can also buy it all in the UK, Canada and US.

The company has recently added a new palette to the collection.

It includes four palettes that are exclusive to Australia.

One of the palettes is called Ozone, which has a warm shimmery colour.

The other two are called Blush, which leans a bit more warm.

It comes in two shades, pink and blue.

The shade of blush is called Lippie, and looks similar to Ozone.

It will also come in a range with different shades and eye shadows.

The lipstick palette is called Lipstick Noir, which looks a lot like Blush.

It features a warm pink colour and a matte finish, which will come in three shades, black and pink.

The shades range includes two new lip pencils, called Glitter and Shine, which look like their predecessors.

They come in different colours, with the black shade being a matte, shimmering colour.

And there is a new gloss lipstick called Lipgloss, which uses a rose-gold finish and is a shade that has a more matte finish.

The eyeliner palette is also a new one.

It looks very similar, but it is a little darker, and will come with four shades.

It makes up for it in that it has gold tones to it, which are not normally associated with eyeliner.

The foundation and powder palettes are both new, and have similar colour palettes.

The foundation palette features a matte metallic finish and the powder palette features gold tones, which means it can be applied over different types of foundation.

I was very impressed with this palette.

I like the look that they have in terms of the matte finish and gold tones.

It complements the natural colour, which makes the look pop, and also adds some glow

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