An Irish beauty icon has revealed she can still achieve her dream of getting a tattoo on her own, after having it done for charity.

Barry Fitzgerald, a former beauty queen who was recently featured on The Irish News, has revealed the procedure is still going strong despite the fact she has to wear an Aryan mask.

She said: “I got the tattoo done by a professional but I’m still waiting for the tattoo to come off.”

Barry is a former model, actress and television personality and currently stars in the ABC television series, How to Get Away with Murder.

She started off her career in the fashion industry in the mid-1980s and later worked as a model, model, stylist and head of fashion at the time of the first ever Miss America pageant in 1984.

She is the only woman ever to have had her own tattoo and the only one of her generation to have a permanent tattoo.

“I still have my tattoo but it’s not permanent, I get a lot of compliments,” she said.

“People have always told me it’s like having a second tattoo.

They call it a second eye.””

When I get my tattoo, it’s just like a mark on my arm, and I always have to wear that mask, but when it’s done I can’t see it because of the mask.”

She said the procedure took time, but she had “never had to wear a mask like that”.

“I don’t have to take my clothes off, I don’t need to shave my legs, my face is always the same.”

They don’t do it on me but they do it to me so it’s no big deal,” she added.

She added she was lucky to have been born with “good skin”.”

It’s good to be a beauty queen,” she told the Irish News.”

It gives me confidence.””

You can still go out, you can still wear makeup, you don’t even have to put on the mask.

I have a great time, I have fun.

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