Zendya, the beauty brand that’s been in the news a lot lately for a lot of reasons, has announced the launch of its new line of makeup brushes.

Zendaya announced on Wednesday that the new brushes will come in the September 2018 launch of their “best makeup brush” range.

The brushes will be available for $17.99 at Zendayas official online store.

The Zendeyas newest line of brushes is available for pre-order now at the company’s official online shop for $49.99, and they’ll ship out around the middle of September. 

The brushes are designed to be easy to apply makeup to and to be used in conjunction with Zendera’s new Zendye Zendy line of skincare products. 

Zendy Zendx has been designed to work with makeup that has already been applied, with the brush allowing you to apply multiple layers of makeup to a single brush. 

While this new line does have its own benefits and features, the most impressive feature of the new brush is its ability to blend in to any makeup look, even without a product to go with it. 

“The Zender Brush is perfect for blending into any look, from the chic and sophisticated eye look to the everyday eye look.

It blends seamlessly into any complexion,” the brand said.

“The brush is designed to blend seamlessly into a skincared face and blends in seamlessly with any makeup, including lip gloss and concealer.”

While the Zender brush has been a popular and popular part of the Zendiya line for quite some time, it was not a part of their previous line of beauty products.

However, this new brush has brought a new level of versatility to the line. 

 “This is the first brush to have a multi-functioning, soft, and velvety texture, which is ideal for blending in to most skincares including lipsticks and concealers,” Zendora told Business Insider.

“It’s a fun brush to use, and can also be used as a primer, but the soft texture makes it perfect for any makeup.” 

The ZENDYA ZENDy line includes several different brushes, including the Zebbler Brush, which can be used for blending and applying a matte or shimmery finish to a brush.

The Zendyran Brush is an “extreme matte brush,” which combines the brush with a gel and blends seamlessly, as well as the Zandy Brush, a matte brush that blends seamlessly. 

These new brushes are available to pre-register at Zends online store from September 11 through October 31. 

It is unclear when Zendys next line of products will be released.

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