Alyssa Demie, a makeup artist who has worked on some of the most iconic makeup looks of the past decade, is getting a makeover.

Demie is one of the faces behind a series of makeup tutorials on the makeup site Makeup-Boomerang.

The videos, which have already racked up more than a million views, were uploaded on Thursday and feature the best of the makeup artistry of Demie.

“It’s not that I’m going to say that I love the look or that I think it’s my favorite makeup look, but it’s just that I’ve never had a chance to make a full makeup look,” Demie said in an interview from her New York home.

“So it’s kind of like making a dream come true, where I have a dream to create something really amazing.”

She explained the process behind the videos.

“You don’t just get to the point where you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’m not going to make that,'” Demie explained.

“You have to start from the beginning, and then you get to that point where it’s really beautiful, and you have to try and make it better.”

The videos are part of a series that Demie created for MakeupBoomers.

She said it’s about a collaboration between her clients and her “team” of makeup artists.

Demie hopes the videos can spark conversations and inspire people to pursue their dreams, whether it’s for the makeup or fashion industry.

“We’re all really talented, we all have really great talents and I just want people to realize that that talent can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes,” Demies sister, Zendaya, said in a statement.

“This is a very collaborative process, so it’s a very important thing to me that people don’t get discouraged or put off because we’re all very creative, so why are we going to stop being so?”

She said the tutorials will be available on her channel for about a month, starting in early May.

“I’m really excited about this whole thing,” Demrie said.

“I’m just really excited for the future.”

Demie said the makeup tutorials will help inspire people who are passionate about makeup to take the next step and “start doing their own makeup.”

“You can just go into a store and buy a new look and it’s very easy to do, and that’s a huge thing for a lot people,” Demi said.

“For me, I was always more of a product person.

It’s very hard to find something that you can actually wear and feel comfortable with.

It was a very limiting and limiting way of doing things and a really limiting way to do makeup.”

To get started, check out the video below and subscribe to Makeup Boomers’ YouTube channel.

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