Maleficient looks are so popular now that it’s no surprise that they’re the name of a makeup collection from the cosmetics company Redken.

Redken’s Maleficiaries collection is inspired by the red lipstick that Malefactors creator Jennifer Lee wore during the film’s original release in 2014.

The collection features a collection of lipsticks and lipsticks with shades of red and black.

“When we started working on Malefictors, I realized that there are a lot of different shades of Redken lipsticks.

I wanted to use a range of shades that were inspired by different reds,” says Redken Beauty cofounder Melissa Wachter.

“For example, we wanted to be able to use shades of dark chocolate that are not the most red.

But the way we came up with this range of reds was to do things that we were familiar with, but with new, bolder shades.”

The red lipstick range includes reds from Malefacious, Redken, and Redken Lash.

Redkens Lash has a red base, which makes it perfect for brightening up the lips.

“I was like, ‘We’ve got to try this, Maleficitors.

We’ve got a new look,'” Wachters says.

“Redken Lash is a combination of red lipstick, red blush, and red lipsticks all rolled into one.

This was really the first red lipstick I’ve ever had and it was really easy to blend and apply.

We didn’t want to just do red lipstick with a black color, we really wanted to do red makeup with a bolder, bold shade of red.”

The Maleficas lipsticks are named for the iconic Malefacious lipstick from the film.

“Maleficitens lipstick is the iconic red lipstick from Malice in the Garden,” Wachtery says.

The reds are applied with a sponge or a brush and then layered with a layer of Redkane lip gloss.

“We started to get a lot more requests for this line, so we were able to put out a lot fewer colors and really get to work on new shades,” Wachi says. 

The collection is available now at Redken beauty stores, and is available in a limited edition of 1,000.

“These are not just lipsticks for your face, these are red lipstick looks,” Washi says.

And when you’re done, you can wear them all for work or to a cocktail party. 

“Redken has really pushed the boundaries of lip-care,” Wahl says.

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