Which eyeshadow brands should you try?

Alyssa Demie, a makeup artist who has worked on some of the most iconic makeup looks of the past decade, is getting a makeover.Demie is one of the faces behind a series of makeup tutorials on the makeup site Makeup-Boomerang.The videos, which have already racked up more than a million views, were uploaded on Thursday and feature the best of […]

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Zendaya’s makeup brushes are the best you’ll find on the market

Zendya, the beauty brand that’s been in the news a lot lately for a lot of reasons, has announced the launch of its new line of makeup brushes.Zendaya announced on Wednesday that the new brushes will come in the September 2018 launch of their “best makeup brush” range.The brushes will be available for $17.99 at Zendayas official online store.The Zendeyas […]

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A red makeup look for Maleficent

Maleficient looks are so popular now that it’s no surprise that they’re the name of a makeup collection from the cosmetics company Redken.Redken’s Maleficiaries collection is inspired by the red lipstick that Malefactors creator Jennifer Lee wore during the film’s original release in 2014.The collection features a collection of lipsticks and lipsticks with shades of red and black.“When we started […]

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