Dior has announced a new line of makeup for its new mascaras, and while I don’t know which one is better, I do know which looks more beautiful.

The Dior Ombre mascara, which is $50, comes in a new formula that includes an oil-based formula that dries quickly and leaves the lashes soft.

This is a new and more effective formulation, which makes it a great choice for those looking for a lightweight, more formula-free product.

However, the mascara does have a little problem with the Pomegreens, a gel-like substance that clumps around the lash line.

This may sound like a minor detail, but when applied to the lashes, it makes the lashes look like they are getting stuck in a tube of toothpaste.

If you have long lashes, you may find this an issue, as it makes them look like the eyelashes are glued together.

If the lashes are not sticking together, you’ll be able to remove them with a thin swipe of your hand.

I’m glad I have a product that can help my lashes stay put.

I wish more brands would do this.

Dior is definitely a company that does an exceptional job with their mascarashes, and if I could get my lashes to stay put, I would do so.

If they were going to go with a water-based mascara, I’d choose the Dior Oxygen Water for that one.

What do you think of Dior products?

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