Beauty blogger Beyonce has been sharing her latest beauty tips and tricks to help you get started with makeup, with the help of this handy airbrush makeup brush.

Beyonces Airbrushing Basics tips on getting the best results with her brushes are a great starting point for anyone starting out. 

The Airbrushes are perfect for beginners looking to get into airbrushing, since they are designed to glide effortlessly and are not heavy. 

However, Beyoncé’s tips will help you pick a set of brushes that best suits your personal style. 

She explains that her Airbrushed Basics collection features “very neutral” brushes, like the Beyonçes Mascara and Nude Blonde. 

“The brushes are lightweight, soft, and comfortable to hold, so you’ll find them perfect for everyday use,” she explains. 

To get started, she recommends that you choose a “neutral base” brush, which can also be used for highlighting, highlighting powder, highlighting brush, and a more “neutral” base brush. 

For a more advanced airbrush style, she suggests the Beyondes Airbrush with Matte. 

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a new brush, you can also choose the Beymush Airbrush, which has an “easy-to-use” design. 

You can pick the Beydons Airbrush Brush, which is a great all-around brush for beginners, or the Beylas Blonde Airbrush. 

Beside all the brushes, Beyons Airbrusher is also available in a range of brushes with an eye-catching name. 

Beyonce says that “it’s all about your looks, and I love it when I see you use your Airbrush.” 

She also recommends that people “think about your style before buying a brush”. 

Check out Beyonce’s Airbraders Tips for beginners below. 

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