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Today I’m going to share with you some scary makeup looks that you can try out using your favorite skin care product!

For those of you who are still new to makeup, you can use the following makeup kits to get a basic makeup look:   1.

Scary makeup look for skin tone   This is an old favourite and it’s easy to get the look of a scariest makeup look by using a foundation, highlighting and powder.

If you’re using your skin tone as a highlight, you may need to use a powder or contour.

You can also apply a matte lip with a blush to help the glow.

I love the contour and shadow combination on the cheeks, nose and chin.

You could also add a touch of lipstick to highlight the eyes and lips.2.

Scariest skincare look with an eye mask   This one’s easy and it looks fantastic on most skin tones.

It’s great for those with sensitive skin.

If your skin is dry or oily, you could also use a mask with a cream or a gel to help your skin feel moisturised and healthy.

You also could try a tinted moisturiser or moisturiser gel with a mask to get your face looking fresh.3.

Scared makeup look using a blush, lip and blush This is another one you’ll definitely love.

This look has a lovely blend of matte and shimmery shades and the shimmery shade of the blush is also very flattering.

You’ll also want to use the contouring and shadow product on the cheekbones, lips and nose to add some sparkle.4.

Scaring makeup look in a blush If you’re going for the look above, I really like to mix up the shade of blush.

This will really highlight your face and will help make your skin look healthier.

You may also want a bronzer for your cheeks, brow bone and inner corners.

I like the pink blush to be a little darker and pinker.5.

Scare makeup look and the perfect cheekbones for blush The perfect cheekbone to go with the cheeky look.

You need to add a bit of shadow to your cheeks to really highlight the cheekbone.

If the cheek is a little off centre, you’ll need to apply a little powder.6.

Scares makeup look You can apply the blush on top of a mask for a scary looking face.

I also like to blend the blush into the skin to really give a healthy glow.


Scars makeup look without a mask Scars is a lovely makeup look that’s easy, and you can really get the best of both worlds.

The best part is you can wear a mask without using any makeup.

You just need to blend in a bit more of the contoured shadow and contouring product.8.

Scarface mask If I had to pick just one mask that would be perfect for my face, this would be it.

The shade of mask will give a nice boost of colour to your skin and it will add a sparkle to your face.9.

Scarer makeup look on the lips Another classic makeup look.

This looks amazing on any skin tone and is easy to put together. 

The contour shade of lipstick is also great for highlighting the cheeks and eyelids. 


Scarily cute makeup look at the grocery store If this look is not for you, I would definitely recommend you to check out these cute makeup looks at the beauty and fashion stores.

You don’t need any makeup on your face but you’ll want to wear a lip and a blush for the cheek bone. 


Scaries face makeup with a foundation If your skin isn’t particularly oily or dry, you might also want something like a cream foundation.

This can give you a nice glow and the highlight is great for the cheeks. 


Scarenly scary makeup without a blush or lip You’ll want a blush and a lip to make the look look as scary as possible. 

You could also try a cream blush or a powder blush with a gloss. 


ScARY makeup look when wearing makeup with your fingers I love using a powder and contour product.

It makes it look more realistic and gives you a little more colour.

You might also try applying a blush with your finger to add another sparkle and colour to the face.14.

Scara face makeup You’re going to want a powder eyeliner or powder liner for this look.

 The eyes will look a little scary when the colour is a bright pink. 


Scaire makeup look as a lip colour Another lovely makeup style to try.

The lip colour looks great on the upper cheeks and the lips will look nice with the powder eyeliners. 


ScARFACE makeup as a blush color If it’s the colour you want, you

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