HALLOWEEN makeup looks are always a must for a costume.

For one, you have to wear something that is eye-catching and gives your eyes a glow.

But for more serious reasons, it also gives your makeup an edge.

So what’s the perfect Halloween makeup for your eyes?

If you’re looking to go full Halloween with a mask that looks like a real face, it’s time to go with a makeup that has more than just the eyes.

Alyssah Quinn’s eyes are so pretty, you may want to look into adding more eyeshadow to the mix.

And yes, Quinn is looking like a very, very real-looking face.

The look is a mix of eyeliner and a few shades of red lipstick.

She’s got red lipstick, blue eyeshadows, a gold lipstick and a pink eye shadow.

That’s it!

Alyssas eyes are actually made of pigmented pigments that give the makeup its sparkle and color.

She even has a few lip shades that add some color.

And if you’re wondering what this looks like in person, check out the video below:Alyssa is wearing a gold mascara, which she uses to highlight her eyelashes.

A few of her lipsticks are shimmery and a little shimmery as well.

Her eyes are also a little sparkly, but you won’t see that in this video.

I love that she’s using the gold mascara as a liner and not as a blush, which is what you see in the photos.

A lot of makeup is made from pigments, so I think this makes sense, especially considering how red her eyes are.

And I think her lips look so good, too.

Alyssah has used a lot of eye shadow to really show off her eyelids.

I’m not sure if that’s the right look for her eyes, but I do think it’s a great way to give the eyes a sparkle.

Her lips look great in this look, too, and you can see that she used her lipstick as a primer, too:I think Alyssahs makeup is a perfect example of why makeup is important.

When you’re going to be wearing makeup, you need to keep it as natural as possible.

It’s just easier to blend the colors and blend in the shadow to give a sparkly look.

This is just one way to do it.

Check out a few of Alyssay’s favorite makeup looks from the show below:

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