The beauty blogger who started a cosmetics business has made an appearance on the cover of Vogue.

Claire Haddow is an Australian-born beauty blogger known for her bold and creative look, which has won her the title of the ‘most influential blogger’ in Australia.

Clary Haddo has a unique, high-fashion aesthetic.

Photo: SuppliedClary’s makeup collection has been a hit in Australia, particularly the beauty brand Make Up For Ever.

“The beauty industry is so big, and it’s so competitive,” she said.

“I’m doing something different to just wear a simple, basic, everyday, everyday outfit, I’m trying to capture the essence of the beauty industry.”

Clary started her beauty business with the intention of making her products and services more affordable.

“For a lot of people, this is something they’re not quite sure what to do with, or what to look at, or how to use their cosmetics,” she explained.

“My philosophy is that I want to empower people to be their own boss, and not have to rely on others.”

Claire’s products are available at Make Up Forever, Make Up Nation, Makeup Warehouse and the Make Up for Ever online store.

“What I’m going for is to create a little bit of a cult,” she told

Clayne Haddou has a bold, creative look.

Photo, SuppliedBut for her to achieve her goals, she relies on her extensive knowledge of the makeup industry and the beauty products she uses.


PhotoClary has a number of products, including the Makeup For Ever Make Up Primer, which she uses in her makeup routine.

She also has a range of foundation, bronzer and lipsticks.

Close up the lips and you’ll see that her Make Up Favourite, the Beauty Primer (with a matte finish) is her favourite to use.

“Because it’s not powdery, it doesn’t look like it’s going to leave your lips dry or anything like that, and you can use it with the powdery powder on the outside and the liquid inside,” she joked.

“It’s also really nice to use on my nose and it helps to get that smoky colour to my cheekbones.”

Claynes makeup is all in one bottle.

PhotoSuppliedClaire said she has learnt a lot from other successful bloggers, including The Lingerie Queen and Lingeries For All.

“Some of the stuff I do has been very successful, but some of the things that have worked for me have been the things I didn’t do, or just didn’t realise,” she laughed.

“And the way I think about things, I think it’s always about making your products work for you, and just having a bit of fun with it.”

Clare’s Make Up is all organic.

PhotoShopClaire believes that it’s important for everyone to learn about the beauty business from an outside perspective.

“You can’t just buy something and then go out and do it,” she added.

“A lot of the brands have done that.

You just buy a box of stuff and go and do that.”

But when you go to shop, make sure you’re not looking for the brand you’ve already used before.

“Shop is like a way to show you’re an active participant in the beauty community.”

Claires products are all organic, made from scratch.

Photo”We’ve used ingredients like beeswax, beeswath, bees wax oil and organic, natural ingredients,” she noted.

Clare has a love of makeup.

Photo Clary Hadding said she loves making makeup for herself, and was inspired by the beauty blogger Sarah Jessica Parker, who used to make her own.

“Sarah is the first person I would say that inspired me to do what I do,” she recalled.

“She used to say that if you love makeup, you’ll love doing it.

I think that’s the way it should be.”

Clair’s makeup is available for sale at Makeup Forever, and Make UpNation.

PhotoShopClary said she had made a commitment to making her makeup at home and had a “great routine”.

“I have a little bottle of make up I made myself, and I make it in my bathroom,” she quipped.

“There are lots of things that I like to do, I like taking baths, I love getting my nails done.”

Clarie has a favourite makeup routine for every occasion.

PhotoSharing her secretsClary believes that the beauty beauty industry should not only be a part of a healthy lifestyle, but should also be accessible to the public.

“If you’re going to buy something, at least have a good reason to do so,” she reasoned.

“Even if you don’t use it yourself, make it so people can see that you’re doing it.”

If you want to buy Cl

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