If you’ve been following the trend of using makeup to conceal the appearance of your natural skin color, you may be wondering how to do it in a way that doesn’t look unnatural.

The answer to that question is usually makeup that’s made from a variety of ingredients that don’t contain petroleum, so it’s a very environmentally-friendly option.

The trick, of course, is to do so without breaking any laws.

Here’s how to use makeup without breaking all the rules: 1.

Don’t wear makeup while driving: While there are many makeup tips that will make you look flawless, we don’t recommend wearing makeup while you’re driving.

A simple headband or lip gloss may help, but the best way to keep your makeup clean and inconspicuous is to simply wear makeup when you’re actually driving.

When you’re in a car, the amount of dust that will collect on your lips and cheeks will be even more noticeable, so use a dust mask to help keep the dust from clogging up your face.

Also, if you’re going to be driving, wear a long-sleeved shirt and a hat so that you don’t get smudged in the mirror.


Don, Don’t Touch: When you apply makeup, the most common problem is that it’ll get in the way of your makeup, making it difficult to see the difference between the natural color of your skin and the product you’re applying.

This can make applying makeup difficult or impossible.

Don your makeup as if you were using it and be gentle when applying it.

If you don, you’ll be a total mess.

Also don’t worry about it, we promise.

You’ll just be a mess in the long run.


Don’T Wear Makeup While Driving: You may be tempted to put makeup on your face while you are driving.

However, this can lead to a lot of issues if you have a dirty or greasy car.

Use a mask to cover up your eyes or your nose and wear a hat and gloves while you drive.


Don`t Wear Makeups While Driving in the Rain: If you are using makeup in a rain storm, be careful not to get any mud on your eyes.

Wear a mask and gloves and always wear a wet coat.


Don”t Use Makeup When You Get Wet: While it is true that your face will feel greasy and dry if you wear makeup in wet weather, you shouldn’t wear it while you get wet.

When it’s hot and humid, your face can become quite dry, and the oil from your makeup can cause a lot more damage to your skin than just the oil itself.


Don\’t Use Cosmetic Products During the Season: We know it’s tempting to apply makeup to yourself or your family while you watch TV, but there are some things you should consider when you are at home during the winter months.

First, don’t apply any cosmetics while you sleep or when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Second, avoid wearing your makeup while the sun is shining.

Third, wear sunscreen and wear clothing that keeps you dry.

Fourth, wear an undergarment and put on a hat if you want to look like a princess.

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