When you get milk makeup and get a subscription, it’s cheaper than buying the whole box!

By subscribing to a monthly makeup box you’ll get a $25 gift card, and you’ll also get the beauty subscription box for $40 a month.These beauty boxes will last a month, and it will get even cheaper if you get a box full of items, which can be as little as a few items, and then add in more.All of […]

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How much is makeup for a dollar?

More than $1,000.A dollar’s worth.How much does makeup cost?For some, makeup is just the beginning.Here are the basics of how much makeup can cost:How much does eyeliner cost?$8.99 at Nordstrom.Eyeliner can be purchased at Sephora, Sephoria, Urban Decay, and Urban Decay XL.Eyeshadow can be bought at Ulta, Sepheera, Sephyra, and Ulta Eyeshadow Palette.Eye shadow palettes include the Ulta Eye Shadow […]

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How to make a makeup look like a milkshake without having to buy expensive, fancy milk makeup

The following are some of the best-selling makeup products around, and if you’re wondering what’s in them, you probably have no idea.1.Makeup by The Artist, $59.992.The Artist is one of the few makeup brands that’s actually made its name with the art of creating a natural, watery, velvety, shimmery look for makeup.The new line, which comes with three shades of […]

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