Christmas makeup is still a tricky subject.

While the beauty industry seems to be getting more open-minded with regards to makeup and its products, the idea of using makeup to make you look like your favourite celebrity is still something we are still stuck with, with the likes of Kylie Jenner being one of the more popular examples.

Despite this, Christmas makeup has become an accepted fashion accessory for the most part, with Kylie and Chanel and the like all having their own versions of the look.

Although the look of a Kylie Kylie is still very much her own, many brands like Benefit and ColourPop have added makeup to their collections in recent years, including Chanel Make Up For Ever and the Makeup Geek Collective.

If you’re new to makeup, the basics of how to wear a makeup product are pretty straightforward.

You will need a palette, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and eye shadow.

Here are some of the best Christmas makeup tutorials you can find.1.

Makeup Basics: Makeup tutorials on makeup essentials1.

How to Make Your Own Kylie-Chanel Makeup Tutorial from Makeuppedia – KylieKylie – 2.

How To Use Makeup with Makeup from Make Uppedia – Make Up Geek Collective – MakeUp Geek Collective 3.

Kylie Makeup on Makeup by The Makeup Revolution – The MakeUp Revolution 4.

Kylies Makeup Primer for MAC Makeup – MAC Make Up for Life – Make 5.

How Kylie Loves Her Makeup From –, Kylie Cosmetics – Make it Look Like Kylie (MAC Makeup) – Make It Look Like

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