Highlight is a cosmetic makeup remover which can be applied with one hand, and it has been used for years as a natural alternative to cosmetic makeup.

Luminosity is a face-mask that contains an ingredient which can boost the natural radiance of skin, and can also be applied by using a hand-held wand.

The ingredient, silica, is used in many skincare products and is one of the ingredients in the Highlight product, which was launched by MAC Cosmetics last year.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the difference of Highlight or Luminosity and why they are used.

Highlight Ingredients: Highlight is comprised of a high-grade silica mineral powder and a base of mineral oil.

This is a mineral powder which is known to improve the appearance of your skin, even after repeated applications.

The mineral powder is usually the same one that is found in a high quality mineral toothpaste.

It is a natural mineral oil that is used for both cleansing and moisturising.

Luminous Ingredients:  Luminous is an extract of silica powder and is a high concentration of silicones.

Silica extracts can be used to improve skin radiance, but in high concentrations, they can also lead to a dry or irritated look.

The silica extracts in the Luminous product are high in silicone, but it has a more neutral and gentle effect than the silica found in the high-end Highlight products. 

This is a perfect combination for oily skin, oily skin types, dry skin types and even those with sensitive skin.

In fact, we can even recommend it for people who have dry skin! 

Highlights are often referred to as “pigments” as they contain a large amount of the natural silica and are not considered a “pore cleaner”. 

Luminosity is not a “powder” however, it contains an organic silica extract.

This means that it has not been refined with any additives, or added to any other ingredients.

The result is that Luminosity contains a natural amount of silicas, while Highlight does not. 

What do you think about the difference?

Are there any differences between Highlighter and Luminous?

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