I am obsessed with brands and products, and I really enjoy the beauty of having my hair in such a variety of styles and colors.

I love to create a natural look using natural products, so I love buying products that I like.

I also love using products that give me a natural glow, so that is another reason to shop at Target and Birchbox.

I love shopping at Target.

They are the first ones when you walk in the door.

I am so excited to go to my first Target.

It is definitely a new experience, and it feels like I am in my first shopping experience with a Target.

My favorite part is the gift wrapping!

I can feel the magic of the store.

The customer service is top notch.

They offer a variety to choose from and they also have a huge selection of natural products and makeup styles.

I really love Target and I am glad I chose to go there.

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