A toxic makeup brand has been banned in Japan after a man was found to have inhaled it.

The Tokyo-based makeup brand “Dior” was banned in the Japanese state of Honshu on Wednesday, after the man, identified as Koichi Kanda, tested positive for the toxic chemical, which can cause skin cancer.

Kanda was found unconscious on Saturday after taking a mask that contained a toxin, which could potentially cause skin irritation, the state-run broadcaster NHK reported.

A spokesman for the company said it had halted sales and suspended its operations in Japan.

“We sincerely apologise for this unfortunate incident,” the spokesman, Kazunori Koyama, told the broadcaster.

“The company has suspended all sales of products from this brand in Japan and is currently conducting a thorough investigation.”

Koyama added that the company was taking measures to prevent any future use of the toxin.

Kota Yoko, an expert on skin cancer at the University of Tokyo, told Al Jazeera that it was possible for the substance to be inhaled by a person with skin allergies.

“When I was studying dermatology, I was told that the product containing a chemical that causes skin irritation was not only used in Japan, but it is also used in Europe, in some countries in the Middle East and in Australia,” Yoko told Al Jazeeras.

Yoko told AFP news agency that the skin irritation can be a reaction to the mask, and can cause a rash that can cause bleeding.

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