From cosmetics to makeup to makeup, the beauty industry is all about getting more people to use makeup and creating more of it.

But the beauty business is not immune to a lack of diversity, and so far, there’s been no shortage of beauty products that do not cater to everyone.

Here are some of the products we’re hearing about that do, but don’t.


CoverGirl’s lip balm  CoverGirl launched a new line of lip balms called Lip Balm of the Month for November.

The lip balam has a moisturizing, nourishing formula, but also includes an antioxidant, antioxidants and a peptide to help it absorb.

It retails for $19.99.

The brand’s new lip balman, the Cup of Lips, has a matte finish. 


NARS NARS Lipsticks  Nars Lipsticks are the most widely used makeup brand in the world, and it’s been a staple of women’s looks for decades.

Nars’ lipstick collection has grown in popularity with women around the world.

According to a recent study by The Beauty Lab, the average female is spending an average of 2.2 hours per day looking at makeup.

NAR’s lipsticks range in price from $7.99 for the Nails of the World to $34.99 for the Lipstick of the Century. 


Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Lipsticks (originally sold in Japan) Bobbs Browns Lipsticks have become the go-to lip gloss for women who want to look their best while staying stylish and fashionable.

They are now available in all the most popular palettes in the United States and around the globe. 

The lipsticks are available in five palettes, including a metallic version that includes glitter. 

They’re available in a wide range of palettes from $15 for the Matte version to $45 for the Metallic. 


Smashbox Smashbox The Smashbox line of products includes lipsticks, concealers, foundations, and more.

The products are designed to cover the bases of the lips and give them a smooth, natural look.

They come in a range of shades, and can be purchased in $4.99 and $4 in-store. 


Bobbies Bobbies Bobby Bobbers Bobbie Brown’s Bobbies are the go to lip gloss of choice for women with light skin tones. 

Their formula is rich, moisturizing and pigmented, and comes in a palette of 16 colors. 


Clinique Clinique Lip Products Clinical Beauty Clinic Beauty’s lip products have become an integral part of women with darker skin tones, so it’s no surprise that the Clinique line of cosmetics has also become popular with men. 

There are three Lip products in the Cliniques range: a metallic lip gloss ($12.99), a matte lip gloss and a lip tint ($16.99) 7.

Sephora Sephora Lipsticks Seph and the Sephors are known for their natural, natural-looking, non-greasy lipsticks. 

Sephas is a lip balmbang in a clear and matte finish, which is available in six shades: black, white, grey, brown, yellow and orange. 


MAC MAC The MAC Lipsticks collection is an interesting mix of natural and synthetic ingredients, and are available for $18.99 each in a medium to large size. 


MAC Lip Products (originals) MAC Lip Products have long been known for the way they create and deliver a natural-leaning and flattering finish to lips. 

With the launch of MAC’s Lipstick Collection, MAC is taking this approach even further, with lip products that are formulated with botanical ingredients that have been studied to work on the lips to create a smooth finish.

This collection of lip products includes three lipsticks that come in different colors and finishes: a matte, a shimmery, and a matte and shimmery finish ($18.50 each). 


MAC Face Palette MAC Face Palettes are a collection of products that provide natural-like, natural looking, noncomedogenic, and even non-comedogenic-looking finishes to the lips.

The collections contain lipsticks and lip tints, lip stains, lip powders, lip glosses, and lip tinting brushes. 11.

Naira Naira Cosmetics Nairs Lipsticks and Nairas Lipsticks offer a wide variety of colors and formulas to match your skin tone, complexion, and mood. 

Naired is a deep purple with a matte look, with a neutral finish and a smooth texture.

Nairs Lipstick is a shimmering blue with a medium-to-dark matte finish and the same texture. 


NYX Cosmetics NYX Lipsticks NY

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