Kylie’s makeup trend is spreading fast.

And she’s getting a lot of love.

“I feel like my face is my new favorite thing,” she told Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo last week.

The actress has a new, more daring, take on makeup for the 70s, featuring a bright pink, blue, purple and white color palette that looks more like makeup.

And her new products are getting a surge in popularity among consumers, according to The New York Times.

And it’s not just for the ladies.

A makeup blogger told Fox News, “I think people are really into it because it looks more natural and modern.”

That trend has already been spotted in the makeup shop at Macy’s.

And there’s one brand, Nars, that’s offering a new color palette of their own.

And the star has her own new product line called Kylie, which features a lot more colors than the one Kylie has on display at the Macy’s in New York.

The brand, called Kylies, has already sold more than 1 million shades, with about 1.5 million currently in stock, according the Huffington Post.

“She has a lot to offer,” Brandi Glanville, founder and CEO of Nars USA, told Fox.

“I have to say I think she has a real passion for makeup and she’s so well-rounded.”

The line is part of a larger trend for the actress to bring a modern twist to her cosmetics and makeup products.

Her new line is “all natural, organic, and made with 100% natural ingredients.”

She recently teamed up with Marc Jacobs to create a new line of makeup, which is also available in a range of colors and is now available at Nordstrom and Sephora.

“It is really exciting for Kylie to take the next step in her journey to make her brand truly inclusive,” Brandis Glanamesh said in a statement.

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