The makeup artist, who makes some of the most iconic looks in the fashion world, is currently dating her model girlfriend.

And the couple, who have been together since last December, shared a new Instagram photo that shows their relationship, which is in its final stages of development.

In the pic, the actress is sporting a dark, bold eye look, while the model is wearing a darker, bold, red lip.

Shane Dawson is dating her girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, on Instagram — POLITICO Hollywood (@politicohollywood) March 11, 2021Shane and Kylie have been friends since last year, when she was a contestant on “The Real Housewives of New York.”

Dawson and Jenner recently shared a series of photos of them together on Instagram, with the two sharing a shared laugh and a photo of each other in the shower.

“My dream job is to be a model for Kylie,” Dawson tweeted, along with a caption that read “This is me in the bathroom, showering.

I have the hottest ass ever.”

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