Fortune is reporting that a new rainbow makeup palette with rainbow shades is coming to the UK from Make Up For Ever, as well as the upcoming ‘Rainbows’ lipstick palette, and a “Rainbow” nail polish palette.

This comes after a lot of confusion over the future of the Make Up for Ever rainbow makeup range, which the company said would no longer be available.

This was a “miscommunication” and a mistake, the company told Business Insider, as the company was working on a new range.

This time around, however, Make Up Forever says it will not be discontinuing the rainbow makeup line.

Instead, it is “rethinking” its approach to cosmetics and is introducing a new line that will include “more than 20 new shades.”

The new range will be available from July 6th through July 13th, with prices starting at £49.99.

The new rainbow palette will include 20 shades of rainbow colors: white, yellow, pink, blue, green, purple, red, magenta, and yellowish-orange.

Make Up First also released a statement in the wake of the “miscommunications,” saying that its “longstanding commitment to creating the best-selling products for our customers is no longer in question.”

“This new range brings together the most popular rainbow makeup palettes from Makeup First with the latest high-quality cosmetics and nail polish, and features the most innovative and innovative-looking colours, such as ‘Rain Rainbow,’ ‘Rain White,’ ‘Orange Rainbow,’ and ‘Pink Rainbow,’ ” the company added.

The statement did not specify what the new rainbow palettes would look like, but one feature on the Makeup For Ever rainbow palette was a rainbow palette with a “rainbow” logo on it.

The Make Up Flicks’ new rainbow lip and cheek products have also been updated with rainbow-themed packaging.

The line also includes a rainbow blush and nail gloss, and the new shade of “Rain” lipstick for the nail polish collection.

The rainbow makeup trend has been gaining steam recently, with Make Up Girl’s new rainbow lipstick collection being unveiled in March and the makeup brand NARS’ “Rainy Pink” lip gloss being released this month.

The latest shade of the new Make Up rainbow lipstick is “Rain Rainbow,” which is described as a “deep, pink color that is rich and creamy, and brightens and defines lips and cheeks.”

Make Up People and Make Up Ever, the beauty brands behind the rainbow lipstick range, have also added the new makeup palette to their offerings.

A “Rainbows” lipstick will be included in Make Up’s “Rainshine Lipstick” collection, while a “Pink Rainbow” lip and shade palette will be in Makeup’s “Pink Lipstick & Rose Lipstick.”

Makeup Flicks, which launched its rainbow lipstick line in 2013, has been a big fan of the rainbow trend.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the ‘Rainbenders’ rainbow makeup collection, which has been the most requested shade ever for the MakeUpForEver rainbow lip, blush, and nail art palette,” Make Up Founder and CEO Lauren Goss said in a statement to Business Insider.

“The new palette is the most creative and imaginative palette ever created, and will be a fan favorite.”

The company also announced it would discontinue its “Rainbender” nail polishes, which include “Pink” and “Rain,” in 2019.

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