You’ve heard the stories about the new mascaras popping up in beauty stores across the world, and you may have heard about the chucky ones as well.

But what is chucky makeup?

Is it a fake?

Or is it just a cheap substitute?

To find out, I’ve compiled a list of the best chucky mascarashes, which include a selection of the top sellers in the US.

Chucky mascars are one of the most popular makeup looks, but I don’t want to just recommend one.

Here are the top five products for chucky, from brands like MAC, Revlon, and Dior to drugstore brands like Ulta, Urban Decay, and NARS.

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For more information on chucky cosmetics, read our Chucky Beauty Buying Guide.


Revlon’s Chucky Mascara This mascara has the signature “chucky” look. I don

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