The NHL playoffs have arrived.

The players, coaches, media, fans and even the general public have been glued to their TV sets and tablets for months.

We know the first three games will be decided by two teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers, who both have strong, if not unbeatable, records heading into this series.

But who has the best chance to win?

Here are some tips on how to keep yourself glued to your television and mobile devices.


Find a seat and find a seat on the plane The best place to sit for the playoffs is on a plane.

The best way to get a seat is to get your seat near the back, which is right where the aisle is and the seatbacks are.

A big part of this is finding an aisle seat near a window or in a corner.


Have your eyes on the game While the NHL has done a great job of creating a schedule of games and dates, the league’s television partners also have their hands full.

Each team has their own schedules, and each team has different players, coach and other coaches.

You can see this on NBC Sports’ schedule, which includes games and their TV partners, as well as their local affiliates.


Practice ahead of time If you want to be ready for the game, practice ahead of it.

The league says it will have a practice on Sunday morning.

So, if you can’t go practice that morning, you should practice on Monday.

If you need to practice after the game is over, the NHL will still be giving out tickets to fans.

You should also consider the weather.

Some teams will be playing outdoors in the rain, while others may play indoors in sunny weather.


Plan ahead with snacks and snacks to keep you motivated Practice before you leave for the rink and before the game.

Make sure you eat healthy snacks, including watermelon, bananas, fruit, peanuts and applesauce, as the game can be very hot.


Go for it if you have to 5:25 p.m. is when you are supposed to practice.

If the game isn’t on TV or your team is playing in the afternoon, you are likely to be able to practice during that time.

If there is a timeout during the game or if you’re not sure how long you’ll practice, practice a little longer.


Make a plan to stay up late 6:45 p..m., or before, to be the first to practice and stay up to date on the schedule of the games.


Take your headphones off When you arrive at the rink at 6:15 p.k., you should listen to the team on the radio to stay on top of the game and to take your headphones out to take in the sights and sounds of the arena.

If that sounds too much like an empty arena, you can also turn your headphones on when you leave your seat.


Know your limits 7:30 p.c. when the NHL’s telecast starts 7:15 pm.

This is when the league says teams will begin to play.

So if you want your team to play a game, stay within the limits and keep your head above the parapet.


Take care of your eyes 7:45 a.m..

After practice, go back to your room and stay there until 8:15 a.d. 10.

Use a towel When you leave the arena, grab your towel to wipe your eyes, which will help prevent your eyes from getting dehydrated and dehydrated eyes can make you look like a zombie.


Take a break during the night 8 p.p.m.-1 a.n.t. when you can sit up and relax.


Stay hydrated 8:30-11 p.t., depending on the temperature of your room.


Wear sunscreen when outside The temperature outside the rink can get extremely high in summer, so it is important to wear sunscreen at all times.


Watch the game with headphones on The sound of the hockey can be distracting for some players, so they can watch the game from a distance with headphones.


Listen to the game if you don’t know what’s happening 15:30 a.v. If a player gets injured or the game starts, it is imperative that you listen to what’s going on and make sure you’re paying attention to everything that’s going through your head.

If it is difficult to listen to everything, consider the following tips: 16.

Make time to watch games outside of the rink 16:30 and 17:30 are the prime times to go outside the building for a while.

17:00 is a great time to go into the park or take a walk in the park.

19:30 is a good time to head to the gym, as long as you are not in the middle of a game.


Listen carefully when you have your headphones turned

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