A subscription box called “SFX Makeup” features “the coolest makeup products you never knew existed.”

The box is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for $39.99.

While some reviews of the product have been negative, one reviewer, which went by the name “Alyssa,” told Cosmopolitan that “I love it.”

“The boxes are so cute and so cute looking.

They are very cute looking,” Alyssa told Cosmo.

“I am so in love with them.”

The boxes include a selection of makeup products, including “Crazy Makeup.”

This “cute, fun, and fun” box features “beauty that is not only beautiful, but also looks and feels like a real life skeleton makeup box.”

“I like that you don’t have to have a whole lot of makeup on your body,” A.J. wrote in her review.

“Just make it look natural and look like you are doing it, and your skin will look amazing.”

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