With the new season of Beauty and the Beast on the horizon, it seems like the perfect time to get creative with makeup.

Here are some easy makeup look ideas to get you started.


Eye Makeup Makeup Tutorial with Dr. Jart+ Dr. Martens Eye Make-up Tutorial Dr.

Martens Eye makeup tutorial tutorial: How to make your eye look flawless in under five minutes.

Get started by following the instructions below and you’ll be able to create the perfect eye makeup look in less than five minutes!


Jart and Dr. Martin Shriver are two of the most celebrated beauty scientists in the world.

Dr. Shriver, whose work is dedicated to improving the way people see and feel the world around them, developed a formula that can make the skin look more youthful and healthy.


Makeup Brush Tutorial with Laura Mercier Makeup brush tutorial: A fun way to sharpen your eyes and make the face look more natural.

Make your browbones and eyelashes more defined and rounded by using a makeup brush and a powder.

You’ll find this easy tutorial easy to follow and makes using makeup look as easy as picking up your makeup bag!

Laura Merciers unique and unique blend of color, shimmer and gold makes it a unique makeup tool that’s ideal for a number of skin tones and eye shapes.


Lip Balm Tutorial with L’Oreal Lip Balms Lip balm tutorial: L’Oréal is the undisputed leader in beauty products, so it’s no surprise that its Lip Balme formula is among the best in the industry.

It’s also a great way to use your lip products to give your lips a natural look without the heavy, greasy look that most lip balms usually give you.


Make Up Primer Tutorial with Make Up Basics Make up primer tutorial: The basics of using make up primer to make sure you’re ready for any occasion.

The tutorial will help you learn the basic principles of the make up, how to apply it, and how to blend it.

Learn how to get a smooth, shiny finish with this easy makeup primer tutorial.


Eye Shadow Tutorial with MAC Eye Shadow tutorial: MAC’s Eye Shadow palette is one of the best-known makeup brushes in the beauty industry.

MAC’s eye shadow brush is a super-comfortable, long-lasting, and easy-to-use tool.

MAC also offers eye shadow pencils that are perfect for your eye makeup.


Eye Color Tutorial with Marc Jacobs Eye Color tutorial: Marc Jacobs’ eye color palette is the best makeup brush in the business, so there’s no better way to get the look that you want than to use the Marc Jacobs eye color brush to create a unique look.

You can create the look of an angel, an angelic creature, a succubus, or even a goddess by applying eye shadow.


Lip Polish Tutorial with Benefit Lip Polish tutorial: Benefit Lip Color Primer is the ultimate makeup brush for your lips, and this tutorial is a great one to start with.

You might think that using a lipstick brush to apply makeup would look unnatural and unnatural looking, but it’s actually very natural and natural looking!

You can even add a little lip gloss and a gloss to make this look even more beautiful.


Eyeliner Tutorial with Nars Eyeliners tutorial: Nars has an extensive collection of eye shadow, lip, and eyeliner products, and its Eyeline Eyeshadow Palette is one you won’t want to miss.

Use this tutorial to learn how to add a subtle shimmer to your eyeliner and get that natural look you’ve always wanted.


Face Paint Tutorial with Urban Decay Face Paint tutorial: Urban Decay’s Face Paint palette is a must-have for makeup lovers everywhere.

Urban Decay has a variety of matte lipsticks that will look incredible on your face, and the palette will help with creating the perfect lip color and a gorgeous lip gloss.

Urban Debut’s Face Painter is a gorgeous, sleek, and durable product that makes blending your face looks effortless.


Make-Up Set Tutorial with Ulta Make-UP Set tutorial: Ulta is the most-known beauty brand in the makeup world, and their Make- Up Set is one makeup look that’s guaranteed to make you look better.

Ulta’s Make- UP Eye Make Up Kit includes the perfect shade of red, black, and blue eyeshadow, lip balm, and a mascara brush to complete your look.

Ultas new Make-Ups, Make-A-Wish, and Wishful-Sound line of makeup brushes are designed for the beauty and makeup community.

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