A little girl’s love for Halloween makeup and costumes

A little boy in his school is being asked to create his own Halloween makeup.The boy, who is six years old, asked for help from his teacher after he started dressing up as his favourite character in a storybook and being bullied.The little boy has made it his mission to create a Halloween mask for himself, the teacher told the […]

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Beauty brand Makeup Brush Cleaner gets free makeup samples

A beauty brand is using makeup brushes to get makeup samples for free.Makeup BrushCleaner, which is owned by the beauty and makeup giant Sephora, has been offering samples of the brand’s products for free since the beginning of 2016.Sephora’s makeup brushes were first released in the U.S. in 2015, but it has since expanded its range.Sephoras brushes are available at […]

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How to Make Your Favorite Face Makeup Looks Like a Clown Face

Anastasia is the best-selling makeup remaver on the internet, selling nearly $3 billion a year.This makeup remever is also one of the most popular beauty products on Amazon.com, but she’s not the only one.She’s not even the only makeup artist with a reputation for using makeup removers that are, for the most part, the most expensive and complex to make.“I […]

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