This is the first of a series of posts about the beauty products that I use to brightener my skin and mood.

I’ve used a range of different brands of face and body cosmetics, as well as the natural products, which is what I’m writing about today.

The basics: What you need: Eyeliner and brushes: Makeup brush, a pair of scissors, a sponge or brush applicator, a facial mask or serum, eye makeup remover or eye shadow, or a lotion (I use a lot of makeup removers for this reason).

If you’re using a loter or powder, you may want to use a facial scrub or a sponge to make sure you get all the makeup on your face.

You can find a list of all the products in my Beauty & Haus catalogue here.

You may also want to check out this list of best DIY makeup brushes, or for more makeup ideas, you can visit my blog and click here.

What you can use: Eyeshadow primer, a primer, concealer, mascara, blush, lip gloss, eye shadows, eyeliner, brow pencil, eyelid remover, and so on.

I use a very basic primer for my face: powder or gel, but there are lots of other products that can be used to achieve the look I’m after.

If you want to go a step further and use more than just one brand of makeup, I recommend using a few of my favourites.

You’ll need: a palette or container for storing your makeup, a palette to keep your eyeshadow and bronzer in, a brush, eyelash and brow pencil applicator and eyeliner remover.

The more products you have on your skin, the more products can be applied to your skin and the better you’ll get the colour and texture.

For this example, I’m using a palette of four colours, but you could use any combination of colours, from lighter colours to darker ones.

What to use: Eye shadow primer: I like to use eye shadow primer as I find it gives me the most natural looking colours without the usual powdery/greasy feel.

I also use a face primer for highlighting my cheeks and eyelids.

Makeup remover: I use mascara remover because it’s easier to use than a lip balm and it doesn’t make me look oily or make me smudge.

I’m not a fan of eye shadow removers, but I find they’re very versatile.

You could use them as eye masks too, but they’re not necessary.

Make up remover is a great thing to use to highlight your eyes and cheeks, and if you’re in a pinch, it can be useful to have a bit of a make-up remap on hand to apply eye makeup to your cheekbones and eyelashes.

Eyelash and Brow pencil applicators: For some people, a little product from a beauty product store will do the trick.

But if you want a lot more colour, then a brush is definitely the way to go.

If your face doesn’t need a lot or you don’t have time to apply your makeup with your fingers, a few eyebrow pencils will do.

For some of the darker shades, like deep browns, a small amount of eye concealer or lip liner can do the job.

If this is your first time using cosmetics, I highly recommend using your favourite product first before using a brow pencil.

For darker shades that need a little more definition, I find a little concealer works well.

Make-up Remover for Blush: I also like to put on my blush and put on some foundation to give it a little sparkle.

For those with dry skin, this can be a great way to lighten up their appearance.

You don’t need to apply a lot but you do need a good quality product to do it.

I usually apply a product from the Benefit makeup range or from Sephora.

Make sure you choose a product that doesn’t cause irritation.

Make Up Remover and Blush Primer for Brown: For darker colours like reds, greens, blues and browns you may need a more matte finish.

A little shimmer and shimmery tones will do just fine.

Make Face Makeup Removers: These can be tricky to find.

Some people are happy to use any product that has a product in it to help brighten their complexion, and that’s fine.

Some of the more popular products are MAC eye creams and the Make Up For Ever mascara.

MakeUp Remover: These are the standard eyeliner and eyelash removers.

MakeUP removers are a bit more expensive and the quality varies a lot.

They usually come in the form of a gel or powder that has to be put on with your makeup.

You should then rinse the product off with water, apply your eyes with a good product and reapply with a new product.

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